Super 8 Sunday

August 4, 2012

CLIENT DIRECT: San Francisco’s eco+historical hired director Michael Winokur and EMP to collaborate, develop and shoot a short-form video featuring their newest eco-friendly home.

DOUBLE CHALLENGE: Drum up a family-focused narrative while simultaneously highlighting the home’s architectural elements. All needed to be conceived and produced within a limited timeframe – the house went on the market the day after the shoot.

UPSHOT: We built a story about “make-believe time” on Sunday morning, captured thru the imaginative antics of two children. Michael Winokur debuted his Red Scarlet, and our stylist Teri Cundall inspired the shoot with a treasure chest of costumes, model airplanes and a flight of whimsy. House sold in 5 days!

Special thanks to Josh Mogal of eco+historical

Director/DP: Michael Winokur
Producer: Emily Miller Productions
Stylist: Teri Cundall
DIT: Stephan Winokur
AC: Mike Blumenfeld
Gaffer: Gordon McIver, Rebel Sun
Grip: Michael Catalano
Hair/Makeup: Jackie Yost
Set Teacher: Shelley Booker
PA: Agustina Perretta
PA: Neil Norman Laroya
Editor: Michael Winokur, The Foundry Studio
Sound Design: Polarity Post

Girl: Aeslin Audri
Boy: Ben Resnick

Director/DP Michael Winokur takes aim at begoggled talent Ben Resnick

Style captain Teri Cundall under command of pirate pilot, talent Ben Resnick

With model airplane and butterfly wings, Ben Resnick and Aeslin Audri prepare to launch

With butterfly and airplane wings, talent Aeslin Audri and Ben Resnick prepare to launch