Vamos con Visa

August 11, 2012

OUR SHOOT: For our return client Visa, we headed to Mexico City with director Michael Sugrue to shoot a new “Currency of Progress” case study.

1) Juggling last-minute shifts of talent and locations, we strategized while on the road and delivered pop-up production in the villages of central Mexico.
2) Wrangling our convoy of crew vans and client cars flanked by security, we ensured smooth, safe transport from the posh streets of Polanco to the dirt roads outside of San Juan del Rio.

UPSHOT: After a red-eye flight to Mexico City, we landed with our Epic and carnet in hand and were ready to shoot before dawn. Our local production team CineSouth supplied super crew and resources, including a helicopter for aerial b-roll, unwavering support around the clock, and directions to the best highway taco stand open for breakfast. Thanks to all, we provided another successful EMP on-the-road production: ¡Olé!’

HIGHLIGHTS: Evening exploration of an 18th-century home turned hotel, La Casa de la Marquesa in Querétaro, and a tequila-inspired disco wrap party at an underground club that will remain nameless until next time!

Aerial capture of Mexico City by director Michael Sugrue

Ready, set, interview

Talent with release and makeup ready in our green room

Director Michael Sugrue's perfectly lighted portrait of a Visa cardholder

Our camera tech, Jorge Lopez, prepares our gear to fly