3 Countries, 2 Centuries

July 11, 2013

CHANDELIER_Louis Leeman Paris

3 COUNTRIES: The Netherlands (designer), Italy (stylist), USA (production)
2 CENTURIES: 18th century (set design), 21st century (shoe design)
1 CAMPAIGN: Louis Leeman Paris

OUR SHOOT: EMP produced the latest print campaign for the shoe design company Louis Leeman Paris.

THE CHALLENGE: Create Old World Venice in New World Los Angeles.

THE UPSHOT: Armed for production with the inspiration of Leeman’s luxury line of dandy-man footwear and a 100-page mood board, we engaged LA’s primo location and production crews, equipment and prop houses. With Venetian dreams of the Piazza San Marco, Grand Canal and Doge’s Palace, we secured our shoot location at a Pacific Palisades mansion replete with Baroque-style architecture and the gilt of Rococo decor. To add to the extravagance, our styling featured the pomp of a 38-foot Venetian gondola, one well-spotted leopard and 33 free-flying pigeons. Next stop: Harry’s Bar!

Special thanks to our EMP team: Frank Leeman, Gretchen Engel, Sevier Crespo, Paige Dorian and Alan Smithee.

BED_Louis Leeman Paris

TABLE_Louis Leeman Paris

GONDOLA_Louis Leeman Paris

PIGEONS_Louis Leeman Paris

MASK_Louis Leeman Paris