Selling Rosario

December 15, 2017

Selling Rosario

Ten international film festivals later, it’s time to share the story behind our award-winning narrative short, “Selling Rosario.”

“Selling Rosario” is an independent project with women in most key production roles and as co-writer, co-director, an all-Latino cast, original music, and an historic California location that also inspired Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath.

While filming a public service campaign on a farm in California’s Central Valley, the San Francisco-based writing/directing team, Iana Simeonov and Michael Winokur, stumbled across a ramshackle building with an eviction notice stapled to the front door. Curious, they walked in to discover an empty migrant labor camp. Only days before, its residents had been removed by the owner and police. Making their way through that camp, so recently full of life and now so eerily empty, they wondered what stories it could tell. The result was their script, “Selling Rosario.”

After winning the pitch competition at the Napa Valley Film Festival, Simeonov and Winokur asked Emily Miller Productions to produce their film. Three months later, we were ready to shoot. We gathered a team of experienced crew, veteran stars and shiny new talent, esteemed musicians, and the magical tenacity of many, from California to New York. The secret to producing this film was a beautiful script. All of our production deals and favors stemmed from a love for the story.

Network Showtime

February 4, 2011

Client: Visa Inc.
Director: Michael Sugrue
Producer: Emily Miller
Editing: Justin Griffin
Graphics: Aras Darmawan
Composer: Laura Escudé
Additional Editing & Graphics: Brett Putman

To Be Continued

January 1, 2011

Reflecting upon the gifts, good humor and grace of 2010, thank you to all of the inspiring and inspired – clients, agencies, photographers, directors, crew and talent – who provided art and personality, skill and power to our productions this year. Together we produced images around the world: in the alpha cities of Mumbai, Hong Kong and Singapore, in New York tech plants and on Nashville horse farms, from the Vancouver Olympics to secret corporate bunkers, and across California from its national parks to San Francisco’s super studios. The year wrapped and delivered, now we look forward to a productive, adventurous 2011. See you soon!