Love Song

November 7, 2015

Director: Michael Sugrue
Producer: Emily Miller
Shot in Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada
Special thanks to Richard Martin, and throat singers Rebecca Penney and Sarah Iqqaat

Official Selection

August 17, 2015

Warm Shadow

Alongside producing advertising campaigns, photography shoots, and commercial videos, we make short films.
“Warm Shadow” began as a narrative concept and turned into a music video, art project, and ode to one of our favorite music artists, Fink.

Thanks to being selected for the HollyShorts 2015 film festival, “Warm Shadow” premiered at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. With director Frank Leeman, we credit many SF Bay Area filmmaking stars for their collaboration, and the incredibly talented Fin Greenall for his inspiration. Our heartfelt appreciation to the puppeteers at Images in Motion, who crafted the metaphoric centerpiece of the film with 3D model making – it’s amazing what paper, scissors, and love can do.