Game On

June 27, 2015


For the launch of NVIDIA SHIELD, a new tablet gaming system, Emily Miller Productions teamed up with design agency XYZ to produce a four-part campaign of lifestyle images with CG visuals and video.

Like precision gameplay, we provided production components, image technologies, and mobile performance to cast, location scout, style, and shoot. NVIDIA’s production was well-played in the palm of our team’s hands!

Client: NVIDIA
Agency: XYZ
Photographer: Ryan Skinner
Producer: Emily Miller




Find Your People

June 18, 2015

For our return client, Quantcast, we created a moving-portrait video of their team to support their global recruitment and career marketing. To entice and inspire future joiners of this leading big data firm, we captured a day in the life of their San Francisco office.

Brainstorming sessions in igloos, collaborations in front of window-marked calculations, creative contemplations while swinging in a hammock – we found their people to be dynamically engaged and remarkably photogenic. In the spirit of work/play balance, we capped off the shoot with the prized, end-of-week cheers and games. All made for a positive energy production, and a camera crew who wanted to stay with the Quantcast team after the wrap!

Director: Michael Sugrue
Producer: Emily Miller
DP: Matthew Baker

Atop Rio

July 5, 2014

Barra da Tijuca
© Cameron Davidson


Rio de Janiero
© Cameron Davidson


© Cameron Davidson


Photographer: Cameron Davidson
Producer: Emily Miller
Local Production: Derek Sundance

Cast of Quantcast

April 26, 2014

Client: Quantcast
Director: Michael Sugrue
Producer: Emily Miller
DP: Phillip Briggs

Online advertising and analytics company Quantcast wanted to create an important advertisement for themselves: their recruitment video. EMP produced the piece, starring interviews with Quantcast’s visionary founder, Konrad Feldman, and their passionate team. All made this leading tech workplace more compelling than any perks like beer-cart Fridays could have done. Albeit, their scooter races surely help drive the Quantcast revolution forward.

Solid Gold in Sochi

February 8, 2014

From Moscow to Sochi: EMP produced Visa’s pre-Olympic Winter Games video project, featuring Visa’s partnership with the Sochi Organizing Committee. Our US and Russian crews carried the production torch from Red Square to the Black Sea, navigating between construction cranes and welding flames. Solid gold.

Client: Visa
Director: Michael Sugrue
Producer: Emily Miller
Local Production: Fyodor Mozgovoy

Olympic Park

Sochi Stadium

Olympic Teamwork

Pregame Construction

Ready, Set!

January 7, 2014

Ready and set to collaborate with you – all terrains welcome.

Director: Michael Sugrue
Producer: Emily Miller
Location: Beijing Motocross

3 Countries, 2 Centuries

July 11, 2013

CHANDELIER_Louis Leeman Paris

3 COUNTRIES: The Netherlands (designer), Italy (stylist), USA (production)
2 CENTURIES: 18th century (set design), 21st century (shoe design)
1 CAMPAIGN: Louis Leeman Paris

OUR SHOOT: EMP produced the latest print campaign for the shoe design company Louis Leeman Paris.

THE CHALLENGE: Create Old World Venice in New World Los Angeles.

THE UPSHOT: Armed for production with the inspiration of Leeman’s luxury line of dandy-man footwear and a 100-page mood board, we engaged LA’s primo location and production crews, equipment and prop houses. With Venetian dreams of the Piazza San Marco, Grand Canal and Doge’s Palace, we secured our shoot location at a Pacific Palisades mansion replete with Baroque-style architecture and the gilt of Rococo decor. To add to the extravagance, our styling featured the pomp of a 38-foot Venetian gondola, one well-spotted leopard and 33 free-flying pigeons. Next stop: Harry’s Bar!

Special thanks to our EMP team: Frank Leeman, Gretchen Engel, Sevier Crespo, Paige Dorian and Alan Smithee.

BED_Louis Leeman Paris

TABLE_Louis Leeman Paris

GONDOLA_Louis Leeman Paris

PIGEONS_Louis Leeman Paris

MASK_Louis Leeman Paris



High Speed, Slow Motion

February 12, 2013

1,000 frames per second with the Phantom camera, 2 Chinese basketball stars, 3 reserved courts and 1 morning in Beijing.

Director: Michael Sugrue
DP: Max Wang
Producer: Emily Miller
Local Production: TenEighty
Equipment: Redgate

Vamos con Visa

August 11, 2012

OUR SHOOT: For our return client Visa, we headed to Mexico City with director Michael Sugrue to shoot a new “Currency of Progress” case study.

1) Juggling last-minute shifts of talent and locations, we strategized while on the road and delivered pop-up production in the villages of central Mexico.
2) Wrangling our convoy of crew vans and client cars flanked by security, we ensured smooth, safe transport from the posh streets of Polanco to the dirt roads outside of San Juan del Rio.

UPSHOT: After a red-eye flight to Mexico City, we landed with our Epic and carnet in hand and were ready to shoot before dawn. Our local production team CineSouth supplied super crew and resources, including a helicopter for aerial b-roll, unwavering support around the clock, and directions to the best highway taco stand open for breakfast. Thanks to all, we provided another successful EMP on-the-road production: ¡Olé!’

HIGHLIGHTS: Evening exploration of an 18th-century home turned hotel, La Casa de la Marquesa in Querétaro, and a tequila-inspired disco wrap party at an underground club that will remain nameless until next time!

Aerial capture of Mexico City by director Michael Sugrue

Ready, set, interview

Talent with release and makeup ready in our green room

Director Michael Sugrue's perfectly lighted portrait of a Visa cardholder

Our camera tech, Jorge Lopez, prepares our gear to fly

Super 8 Sunday

August 4, 2012

CLIENT DIRECT: San Francisco’s eco+historical hired director Michael Winokur and EMP to collaborate, develop and shoot a short-form video featuring their newest eco-friendly home.

DOUBLE CHALLENGE: Drum up a family-focused narrative while simultaneously highlighting the home’s architectural elements. All needed to be conceived and produced within a limited timeframe – the house went on the market the day after the shoot.

UPSHOT: We built a story about “make-believe time” on Sunday morning, captured thru the imaginative antics of two children. Michael Winokur debuted his Red Scarlet, and our stylist Teri Cundall inspired the shoot with a treasure chest of costumes, model airplanes and a flight of whimsy. House sold in 5 days!

Special thanks to Josh Mogal of eco+historical

Director/DP: Michael Winokur
Producer: Emily Miller Productions
Stylist: Teri Cundall
DIT: Stephan Winokur
AC: Mike Blumenfeld
Gaffer: Gordon McIver, Rebel Sun
Grip: Michael Catalano
Hair/Makeup: Jackie Yost
Set Teacher: Shelley Booker
PA: Agustina Perretta
PA: Neil Norman Laroya
Editor: Michael Winokur, The Foundry Studio
Sound Design: Polarity Post

Girl: Aeslin Audri
Boy: Ben Resnick

Director/DP Michael Winokur takes aim at begoggled talent Ben Resnick

Style captain Teri Cundall under command of pirate pilot, talent Ben Resnick

With model airplane and butterfly wings, Ben Resnick and Aeslin Audri prepare to launch

With butterfly and airplane wings, talent Aeslin Audri and Ben Resnick prepare to launch

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