Tokyo Faces

July 9, 2016

Director: Michael Sugrue
Producer: Emily Miller

Virtual Reality

June 28, 2016

Oculus VR

2_EMP-Oculus VR

Client: Oculus VR
Photographer: Bart Nagel
Producer: Emily Miller

Love Song

November 7, 2015

Director: Michael Sugrue
Producer: Emily Miller
Shot in Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada
Special thanks to Richard Martin, and throat singers Rebecca Penney and Sarah Iqqaat

Official Selection

August 17, 2015

Warm Shadow

Alongside producing advertising campaigns, photography shoots, and commercial videos, we make short films.
“Warm Shadow” began as a narrative concept and turned into a music video, art project, and ode to one of our favorite music artists, Fink.

Thanks to being selected for the HollyShorts 2015 film festival, “Warm Shadow” premiered at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. With director Frank Leeman, we credit many SF Bay Area filmmaking stars for their collaboration, and the incredibly talented Fin Greenall for his inspiration. Our heartfelt appreciation to the puppeteers at Images in Motion, who crafted the metaphoric centerpiece of the film with 3D model making – it’s amazing what paper, scissors, and love can do.

Freeze Frames

July 2, 2015

This winter, for our return client, Visa, we linked arms with their US and Canadian teams, as well as the North West Company, to produce a short film about their payment partnership.

Our crew traveled for two days to reach Baker Lake in Nunavut, to shoot interviews and environmental b-roll – by tundra boots, snowmobiles, vans and several planes.

Producing a shoot in a faraway Canadian Arctic community, with a population of less than 2,000 people, required deep local insight, as well as militant attention to logistics and provisions.

Truly a team production, we were supported by many locals, who offered generous access, opened their family homes, and shared their personal stories with us.

For after-hours entertainment, we dressed in four layers of expedition gear, and ventured in darkness onto the frozen lake to watch the spectacular Northern Lights. We learned so much from this special production, including that Fahrenheit and Celsius at some point actually agreed: -40°F = -40°C.

Most importantly, we discovered that there is a very warm welcome to be found in the Arctic.

Director: Michael Sugrue
Producer: Emily Miller
Special thanks to our Winnipeg crew, João Luiz Holowka and John Hildebrand, and Midcan Production Services

Visa Canada

Visa Canada

Visa Canada

Reel Time

July 1, 2015

Game On

June 27, 2015


For the launch of NVIDIA SHIELD, a new tablet gaming system, Emily Miller Productions teamed up with design agency XYZ to produce a four-part campaign of lifestyle images with CG visuals and video.

Like precision gameplay, we provided production components, image technologies, and mobile performance to cast, location scout, style, and shoot. NVIDIA’s production was well-played in the palm of our team’s hands!

Client: NVIDIA
Agency: XYZ
Photographer: Ryan Skinner
Producer: Emily Miller




Find Your People

June 18, 2015

For our return client, Quantcast, we created a moving-portrait video of their team to support their global recruitment and career marketing. To entice and inspire future joiners of this leading big data firm, we captured a day in the life of their San Francisco office.

Brainstorming sessions in igloos, collaborations in front of window-marked calculations, creative contemplations while swinging in a hammock – we found their people to be dynamically engaged and remarkably photogenic. In the spirit of work/play balance, we capped off the shoot with the prized, end-of-week cheers and games. All made for a positive energy production, and a camera crew who wanted to stay with the Quantcast team after the wrap!

Director: Michael Sugrue
Producer: Emily Miller
DP: Matthew Baker

Atop Rio

July 5, 2014

Barra da Tijuca
© Cameron Davidson


Rio de Janiero
© Cameron Davidson


© Cameron Davidson


Photographer: Cameron Davidson
Producer: Emily Miller
Local Production: Derek Sundance

Cast of Quantcast

April 26, 2014

Client: Quantcast
Director: Michael Sugrue
Producer: Emily Miller
DP: Phillip Briggs

Online advertising and analytics company Quantcast wanted to create an important advertisement for themselves: their recruitment video. EMP produced the piece, starring interviews with Quantcast’s visionary founder, Konrad Feldman, and their passionate team. All made this leading tech workplace more compelling than any perks like beer-cart Fridays could have done. Albeit, their scooter races surely help drive the Quantcast revolution forward.

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